The idea


The idea was to develop training equipment that would facilitate "rallies" in table tennis.

A played ball should be returned to the player.

This ball should not only come once - but - when played in a controlled manner, come back to the player several times.

This could be a "single-player ball rallies" train, which allows a challenging topspin training.

As a result, I constructed rally training equipment and named it RETURNBOARD.

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100% functional table tennis training equipment

The idea was:
A well-played ball always comes back to the player and allows for an interesting rally.

Does this work with:

  • Speed ​​Returnboard
  • Power Returnboard
  • Double Returnboard
  • Single returnboard
  • Schupf / Topspin Returnboard

And now also with the:


  • Comfort Returnboard Mobile
  • Returnboard Mobile
  • Quattro Returnboard Mobile
  • Comfort Combination Returnboard Mobile

With the Returnboards a wide assortment of completely new table tennis training devices was developed.
In our Returnboard online shop, the application of each model is illustrated. Photos will be shown and their function demonstrated in the videos.

Watch our videos on YouTube and in our online store.
For every skill level, there is a suitable returnboard model:

  • DOUBLE Returnboard for kids
  • Speed ​​returnboard for a medium level
  • Power or Comfort Returnboard mobile for the table tennis club

RETURNBOARD ... an invention for table tennis training.

By purchasing a return board, you will receive a quality product that will enrich your table tennis training.