Material & Manufacture

Material and manufacture
Each return board is equipped with special Returnboard table coverings.
They ensure a controlled blockball. Since the function of the lining is a block, no wear of the rubber occurs.

The shelf life therefore extends over many years. Red and black pads have the same good quality.
Care is done with water and sponge to remove the dust.

The 21 and 31 positions of the Level -Leisten are manufactured on high-modern laser-cutting machines millimeter-exact.
Each training task can therefore be reproduced for the following training days.

The material of the brackets and level strips is light aluminum. No rust may occur on the equipment.
The mobile returnboards glide on 5 easy-to-ride rollers. This allows very comfortable positioning to table tennis.
The design of the mobile returnboards does not require assembly and disassembly of the training device at table tennis.
After positioning to table tennis, training can begin immediately. A new positioning for a different training task is quick and easy to carry out.

The high manufacturing quality guarantees a long life for your table tennis training device.
The returnboard is stored in a cardboard box between four foam protection corners. Therefore, there is no transport damage to the returnboard.
You will receive excellent quality products from us
Based on an innovative table tennis training method!