Do you have a table tennis table at home or at the club?
And you want to train your technique with more MOTIVATION by means of direct RESULT REPORT - with FEEDBACK!
Then you can improve your technique with RETURNBOARD-TRAINING.
Record your initial level and then regularly the result of your performance increase.
You can determine your training settings for the game strength yourself.
On the LEVEL-BAR, you can choose from 1 to 21 or 1 to 31 the optimal block angle for you at the beginning of the training.
Now you can start your workout and gradually improve the speed by closing the block angle.
Now you get into a competition with your own FEEDBACK in the TEMPO, ROTATION, PLATZIERUNG and VERINARBEIT!
LEVEL 13 ... LEVEL 14 ... LEVEL 15 ... LEVEL 16 ... how far can you increase your technical skills?
DENN: If you play your TOPSPIN at high speed against the BOARD, it will return your balls with "full sharpness". You have to make an effort to get the racquet "ready", or the ball hisses past you.
But if you want to enter into a "longer bubble" with yourself,
Then keep something back at first. Begin at LEVEL 7 or 8 and get up. You can increase your LEVEL-level to 12 to 17 and gradually increase the RETURNSTABILITY by means of fast bob changes
"Intoxication of a fantastic ball change"!
So with the RETURNBOARD the CHANCE at "high level"
In your own ONE-MAN-SHOW table tennis.
You will improve your LEVEL.
If you want, then get your returnboard now!