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Power Returnboard Duo +60

379,00 EUR
13.0000 Kg
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  • Products description

    Power Returnboard DUO +60
    My table tennis training equipment can help you
    improve your technique through effective topspin training.
    My different constructions offer customized training
    offers for beginners, returnees and club players

    Overview of training equipment:  with VIDEO DEMONSTRATION
    Introduction to the RETURNBOARD training method:

    Power Returnboard
    DUO +60 for topspin training at a high level.
    For bale changing at a high speed with strong rotation.

    2-piece Returnboard with special design
    2 LEVEL bars for level 1-31
    2 brackets for "late block" 0 - 60 cm with foot support
    1 SPEED bar for parallel and diagonal ball changes

    With the Power Returnboard DUO +60, the "late block" can be steplessly set
    from 0 to 60 cm behind the basic line.

    The height of the boards has been adjusted to 54 cm
    so that even high jumping balls from the return board
    are well-rewound at a distance of 60 cm.
    If a holder is positioned 60 cm backwards
    and the other position is 50 cm,
    the "speed bar" is at an angle to the base line.
    This allows diagonal ball changes with the forehand
    or with the backhand - depending on the setting.

    The Returnboard coverings are made in red and black.
    They have the same sponge thickness of 1.5 mm.
    This generates controlled blockballs from the Returnboard.
    The red and black design creates narrow and wide placement fields.
    This allows a targeted placement training.
    The cleaning is done with sponge and water.
    This gives the rubbers many years a good return.

    Power Returnboard DUO +60
    stands for demanding ball changes with a high level of play

    for demanding rallies due to the late block up to 60 cm.

    This return board can become your training partner,
    on the way to great success.

    Size of a board: 75 x 56 cm
    The shipping is in a carton 82 x 60 x 10 cm
    Shipping weight: 9,5 kg

    Demanding rallies due to the "Late block" up to 60 cm.
  • Power Returnboard Duo +60
    Power Returnboard Duo +60
    Power Returnboard Duo +60
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