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Chop-Topspin 2021
Chop-Topspin 2021
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Power Quattro

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  • Products description

    This innovative training device POWER Returnboard QUATTRO is a WORLD FIRST,
    which opens up a new perspective for table tennis training.
    It's not just NEW ; it's based
    on the effective "late BLOCK" applied for the first time.
    The return board is on "Late BLOCK"
    no longer on the table tennis table (earlier block),
    but can be freely positioned behind the table.

    Because after only 60 seconds "unfolding"
    you can start with the table tennis training.

    Exclusive training offer for extraordinary rallies

    From the complete training partner QUATTRO Mobil
    your forehand TOPSPIN is blocked diagonally,
    your BACK HAND TOPSPIN is blocked diagonally and
    all parallel TOPSPINS are also blocked.

    Mobile returnboards cannot replace the training partner;
    however, they can simulate rallies with a player quite well.

    A DEMO video at the bottom of this page.

     Scope of delivery:
    3 pieces LIGHTWEIGHT Returnboard Mobil - preferably for the "Early Block"
    1 piece of Power Returnboard Mobil - preferably for the "late block"
    2 piece LEVEL-LEISTE per training device for block angle adjustment

    The use of several MOBILE DEVICES enables numerous exercise combinations.

    Parallel ball lanes, diagonal ball lanes, "early block" and "later block"
    make the range of exercises more interesting and versatile.

    Do you want to participate?

    You need a table tennis table
    and time and pleasure for 2-3 times a week
    1 hour to play table tennis.

    If you order a Returnboard for this,
    table tennis is likely to be your favorite evening sport.
  • Power Quattro
    Power Quattro
    Power Quattro
    Power Quattro
  • File

    QUATTRO - 4 ball ways
    Newest RETURNBOARD training
    7 technique exercises
    RETURNBOARD product video