POWER Returnboard DUO

POWER Returnboard  DUO
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POWER Returnboard  DUO
POWER Returnboard  DUO
POWER Returnboard  DUO
POWER Returnboard  DUO
POWER Returnboard  DUO
POWER Returnboard  DUO
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This innovative training device represents a WORLD FIRST 2018,
which opens up new perspectives for table tennis training.

It's not just new - it's based on an ingenious design principle never used before.
After just 30 seconds of construction, you can already start to practice table tennis.

A DEMO video at the bottom of this page.


Mobile Returnboard models are not clamped to the table, but can be positioned freely behind the table.
This makes the exercise offer more variable and versatile.

Now 2 boards for 2 directions      "DUO models"

POWER RETURNBOARD DUO : 1 pice Leightweight Returnboard mobile
                                                       1 pice POWER Returnboard mobile 

Explanation of the difference:

The POWER Returnboard Mobile has a larger return area B = 68 cm   X  height = 43 cm
    as the LIGHTWEIGHT return area                                   
B = 68 cm   X  height = 35 cm

    A larger return area and a "late block" 1 - 1.5 m behind the baseline
    are a good option for POWER topspins.

   If the board is positioned further away from the table - for POWER TOPSPINS -
   and hit the balls higher on the return area,
   then they more safely hit the larger return area.

Both DUO models are designed for
- Topspin training
- Counterball training
- Serve training
With DUO models you can vary your rallies:
2 x parallel
2 x diagonally
1 x parallel 1 x diagonal
2 x "early block"
2 x "late block"
1 x "early block" 1 x "later block"

Vary Rallies with  5 - 10 returns

- diagonal and / or parallel

- "Early Block" and / or "Late Block"

This innovative training tool represents a WORLD FIRST 2018,
which opens a new perspective for table tennis training.

One board = one ball direction        Two boards = two ball directions = DUO

Two Lightweight Returnboards Mobil - "Returnboard DUO"
- expand the training possibilities by playing variable ball directions
and many combinations in one rally (see photos).

Alternatively, each return board can be positioned on a different table.
Thus, 2 players can train at the same time.

For example exercises:
Both boards with "early block"
Both boards with "late block"
One Board "Early Block" Origami Returnboard mobile;
second board with "late block" POWER Returnboard mobile

Both boards parallel to the table tennis table
Both boards diagonal to the table tennis table
Or one board in parallel and the other board diagonally

The "lightweight Returnboard Mobil DUO" already showed the advantages
and the training possibilities of two mobile boards.
A "Returnboard DUO" - a configuration of two boards -
expands the training possibilities by playing
two different variant-rich ball directions in a rally.

The "early block" at the baseline uses one LEVEL BAR.
One side wing is folded inwards at 45 under the table.
A variable training tempo is adjustable by 21 gantry angles;
therefore use from beginners to club players.

Your advantages:
- Lightweight construction - 5 kg
- fast assembly / disassembly; each 30 sec.
- Space saving storage allows the folding mechanism
- variable placement to the table tennis table
- variable ball paths; parallel, diagonal, "early block", "later block"
- variable training speed adjustable by 21 gantry angles;
therefore use of the beginner and club player

Scope of delivery:
1 piece of POWER Returnboard
1 piece LIGHTWEIGHT Returnboard mobile
2 LEVEL bars

The Returnboard coverings are made in red and black.
They have the same sponge thickness of 1.5 mm.
This generates controlled blockballs from the Returnboard.
The red and black design creates narrow and wide placement fields.
This allows a targeted placement training.

Cleaning is done with sponge and water.
This gives the pads many years a good return.

Short balls, long balls, diagonal or parallel, three forehands, t
hen three backhands or VH / RH changes on each strike.

There are no limits to the variations -
each player chooses exercises
that he wants to improve on or more fun in training

It's up to you whether you want to create a sense of achievement
through "POWER rallies" on the Power Returnboard Mobil DUO!



3 min. NEWEST  
feedback engl.  

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Returnboard slogan

A good ball always comes back to you!

In a successful training then come back several balls, are played again and the training goal is achieved.

My experience: The training goal is one thing - but the joy of having good rallies on the table is indescribable!

Intensively practice your table tennis technique and have fun with your favorite sport!
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