Comfort Returnboard mobile

Comfort Returnboard mobile
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Comfort Returnboard mobile
Comfort Returnboard mobile
Comfort Returnboard mobile
Comfort Returnboard mobile
Comfort Returnboard mobile
Comfort Returnboard mobile
Comfort Returnboard mobile
Comfort Returnboard mobile
Comfort Returnboard mobile
Comfort Returnboard mobile
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Products description

Table Tennis Returnboard - INTRODUCTION

The player enters a rally with a ball - TOPSPIN RALLYE.
• The Returnboard becomes the training partner who blocks the ball back.
• A rally is made if rotation, placement and tempo are well coordinated.
• Whether they manage the COORDINATION showed them the feedback of the returning ball.

I will describe the possibilities and advantages of this new table tennis rally training method.
Well informed you can then choose your "personal returnboard model":

Returnboard training is unique in the FEEDBACK.
The board indicates by the feedback how the ball rebounds and thus gives a clear "visual indication of the quality of the previous strike".

The newly developed training devices allow a varied training by:

• Feedback on the ROTATION
• Feedback on the TEMPO
• Feedback on PLACEMENT

A stable technology execution on the Returnboard is to be realized by a good timing.
"Good Timing" means a soulful controlled hit execution.
It requires a good coordination of pace, rotation and placement according to the given training task.
The asked exercise task can be varied by choosing the angle of the block in the difficulty level.
Closing the block angle means that the following rallies are to be played at a faster pace than in the previous task.
With good timing, good return balls can be created for a challenging rally.
The uniform hit execution is wanted in this training.
Good timing is the training goal in these rallies with 5 - 10 rallies.
Return stability
Closing the block angle increases the speed of topspin rallies.
The trainee initially chooses his block angle according to his level of play.
If he closes the block angle, then he should play with stronger rotation, so that the return on the edge of the net on his own half of the table comes back.
A stronger rotation can be generated, for example, with a larger wrist insert.

If then 5 quick rallies with 5x good wrist and 5x good footwork are constantly realized several times,
then this testifies to a "very good return stability".
A good RETURN STABILITY on the RETURNBOARD provides greater security for the point games in fast, high-speed TOPSPIN RALLYES.

The return board training facilitates the coordination of tempo, rotation and placement through the visual FEEDBACK
and, with improved timing, enables TOPSPIN rallies with increased RETURN STABILITY.
My motto:
Train your table tennis technique with good rallies and have fun with your favorite sport!

Product description

Mobile Returnboard models are not clamped to the table, but can be positioned freely behind the table.
This makes the exercise offer variable through parallel ball paths, diagonal ball paths, "early block" or "late block".

The combination of two mobile Returnboards "DUO models" allow 2 different ball paths within an exercise.

Comfort Returnboard Mobil for topspin training at a high level.
Variable ball paths: parallel, diagonal, early block, later block, power rallies

The Comfort-Returnboard-Mobile includes the following innovations:
- A double-returnboard over the entire table width
- The block angle setting which can be reproduced in steps
- The "late block" of the return board behind the baseline
- The "Early Block" at Tischtennist
- Schupfball - Returnboard - Training
- The setting for the training "Cross over the side line"
- Placement aids during the bale change through the design with placement fields
Mobile returnboard models embody a new GENERATION of bale changing training devices.
They are mobile ... practical ... flexible ... innovative ... effective.
The Comfort Returnboard mobile consists of

2 returnboards across the entire table width
2 MOBIL units
2 separate block angle settings
The advantages :

- No MOUNTING before training
- no device removal after training
- no storage of individual parts

The Returnboard coverings are made in red and black. They have the same sponge thickness of 1.5 mm. This generates controlled blockballs from the Returnboard. The red and black design creates narrow and wide placement fields. This allows a targeted placement training.
The cleaning is done with sponge and water. This gives the rubbers many years a good return.
The Comfort returnboard mobile can be used together with the TT tables.

From the device box and is immediately ready to play!
Size of a board: 75 x 40 cm
The shipping is in a carton 82 x 60 x 10 cm
Shipping weight: 14 kg



Installation and play instructions Download 259.34 KB

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