CHOP TOPSPIN Returnboard 2021

CHOP TOPSPIN Returnboard 2021
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CHOP TOPSPIN Returnboard 2021
CHOP TOPSPIN Returnboard 2021
CHOP TOPSPIN Returnboard 2021
CHOP TOPSPIN Returnboard 2021
CHOP TOPSPIN Returnboard 2021
CHOP TOPSPIN Returnboard 2021
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for middle-level Chop Topspin training.


You can combine topspin and CHOP-ball in one exercise.
Exercise 1:
A kick ball is played over the table tennis net - FOREHAND or BACKHAND -
and hits the CHOP- board directly because it is positioned close behind the net.

The BALL rebounds from the board to the player on his half of the table,
because the board is tilted back and thus returns a CHOP- ball over the net.

The second ball is hit again as a push ball on the push board; etc. 3rd, 4th ball.
This means that several kick balls can be trained one after the other.

CHOP-BALL - rally
- several forehand kick balls
- several backhand push balls
- several forehand kick balls alternating with backhand push balls

At first only CHOP
A good exercise for table tennis beginners too!

Exercise 2:
If the returnboard is positioned at an angle to the center line,
then the backhand kick balls bounce back into the forehand side.

Now you can use the forehand to pull a top spin onto the right Returnboard.

When a long RETURN BALL comes back
then several topspin rallies can then follow.

Exercise 3:
You can also use the TOPSPIN RETURNBOARD after each ball
alternate between forehand and backhand strokes,
if you realize the required footwork.

The rubbers on the CHOP-BALL TRAINER are glued to the top edge,
so that all balls played over the net hit the rubber surface from the board.
Two boards enable the following variable training

- CHOP - TOPSPIN training

- Forehand and backhand CHOP-ball training

- Forehand and backhand TOPSPIN-TRAINING

- Forehand-backhand change TOPSPIN training with footwork
This makes the CHOP TOPSPIN TRAINER very versatile!

Scope of delivery:
1 piece TOPSPIN TRAINER 2020

Board size: 70 x 38 cm
Shipping weight: 7 kg




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